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Navajo Preparatory School Athletic Fields

Navajo Preparatory School Athletic FieldsThe Athletic Fields will be grown- in and ready for the School’s use during the Fall of 2009. The Fields constitute the first phase of PHASE III campus development work, which also inlcudes construction of a fifth new dorm, the new Student Center and the future Fine Arts Building. The athletic fields include a new baseball field, softball field and football field with a 400 meter all-weather track. Athletic events include discus throw, shot-put, long and triple jump, high jump, pole vault and javelin throw. The overall site organization includes a new campus drive which links the Athletic Center’s parking area with a primary Athletic Fields entry off of Apache Street.

The new toilet building anchors the south end of the landscape BERM, which creates a grading transition between the Football field and the Baseball field and allows for spectator seating on grassy slopes both sides.  The toilet building is completely daylit during the normal school day, with exterior materials that link the building’s architecture back to the Phase II Athletic Center. A future project phase will develop the “Botanical Gardens” to the north side of the football field, on both sides of the historic Farmington Ditch and a potential Equestrian training site on the west side of the Fields zone.


Fall – 2008

Key Design Concepts

  • Earthen berm to provide natural spectator seating
  • Parking along north edge of drive for “bumper” viewing of baseball and softball events
  • Daylit toilet structure
  • Grading for elevated end of football field with long vistas to San Juan River Valley
  • Sweeping driveway system connecting with Phase II Athletic Center
  • Natural south facing grass slopes on the Historic Ditch edge  


Ecostructure publication – September 2007