Thompson + Pollari

Tivoli Heights Village Apartments | Kingman, Arizona

Tivoli Heights is a two-phase 5-acre housing project that includes 5 individual buildings in Phase I with the Clubhouse structure, and 4 additional buildings in Phase II. The 48 phase one units include living rooms with story and a-half volumes and a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.  The Phase two development focuses on a single level “flat” plan type, with a similar mix of bedrooms across the additional 48 units.

The project is located on a slightly sloping linear site adjacent the I-40 Freeway in Kingman, with a panhandle area that wraps around an adjacent housing project. The Clubhouse building is situated in the center of the site for shared access between units and to occupy land area adjacent freeway and basketball court. Three of the 9 residential structures are three stories in height, allowing for maximization of density on the development parcel, to assist in screening Freeway noise and to frame the two central open space & retention areas on site. The project is colorized with a 4-color exterior paint scheme that highlights the variegated building massing and sheltered level one carports.

Tivoli Hiegts Site Plan


Phase I – January 2009
Phase II – April 2009

Key Design Concepts

  • Four-color paint scheme to compliment adjacent housing project
  • Story and a-half living rooms in Phase I units
  • Sheltered carports within building massing
  • Vernacular western roof slopes
    Clubhouse with glazed central “living room”
  • Exposed glue-lam beams for added warmth and materiality