Thompson + Pollari

Coral Canyon Apartments | Phoenix, Arizona

Coral Canyon Apartments | Phoenix, ArizonaThe Coral Canyon Housing “village” is located on 2 acres in central Phoenix. The project consists of 69 affordable apartments including 26 two-bedroom, 35 three-bedroom and 8 four-bedroom units. The dense 3-story housing development is organized by two primary buildings with the U-shaped Building “A” forming three sides of the interior courtyard, and the linear, double-loaded Building “B” located on top of the semi-recessed concrete parking structure. Building B is massed to allow for a linear “street” between the units that will be draped by fabric sunscreens, allowing for dappled light through openings in the concrete deck to the parking bays below.

Unit design features thirteen foot high living room volumes with maximum glazing for daylighting and broad City views. Exterior access to upper level units is provided through linear steel walkways and cascading stair structures. The overall character of the project speaks to modern southwest multi-family housing design, with a focus on individual housing units that enhance the “flat” design standard for affordable units


May 2009

Key Design Concepts

  • Story and a-half living room spaces
  • Modern design vocabulary
  • Secure urban courtyard framed by two primary building forms
  • Three-color scheme for building elevations to highlight massing and form 
  • Daylighting design at living rooms
  • Study “nodes” at level two bedroom clusters