Thompson + Pollari

Navajo Preparatory School Phase II Athletic Center
Farmington, New Mexico

The School proudly calls their Athletic Center the “Eagles Nest” in reference to the sunken gym floor and in homage to their mascot.  The main floor level was set down 6”-0” into grade to reduce the building mass from the street, improve thermal building performance and to provide spectators easy access down to bleachers from the mezzanine level. This circulation strategy allows all public traffic to be kept off the playing courts and supports a grand scale for viewing sporting events.

The primary gym volume is naturally lit by clerestory monitors and north facing glazing that provide indirect daylighting for the entire gym volume. The main lobby’s floor is detailed with a custom tile eagle image, complimenting the painted eagle motif on the gym’s maple floor.  The building’s soaring roof form is fitting for this important structure and allows for the expansive north glazing for  interior daylighting.


January – 2007

Key Design Concepts

  • Eclectic design – modern yet traditional
  • Recessed gym floor with mezzanine “running track”
  • Soaring roof form with north glazing for daylighting
  • “Eagle” motifs in flooring tile and gym floor decal
  • North facing brick pilasters reflect historic pilasters on Main Building
  • Use of local materials – brick, block


Ecostructure publication – September 2007