Thompson + Pollari

Thompson Pollari Residence | Phoenix, Arizona

A dated 1700 SF ranch house in Central Phoenix has been transformed by complete interior remodeling and 1100 SF of additions, creating an eclectic and sustainable transformation of this standard SW residential building type. Spaces within the existing house were fully utilized in a tumbled “domino” fashion, with the carport becoming the Living Room, Living Room becoming the Dining Room and the small Dining area becoming part of the large galley-style kitchen. Even the old driveway was re-utilized, with ½ inside the north facing Courtyard performing as patio space, with the other half retained off-street as a parking pad.


Two new wings of new space were added to the existing rectangular, gable-roofed house and arranged to frame the existing kidney-shaped swimming pool in the south facing back yard. The new Master Bedroom wing is located on the east side of the pool, with the new two-story Tower on the west side creating shade for the backyard. The laundry room anchors level one of the Tower and the upper floor is utilized as office space for the Owners. The house layout affords spectacular views of Camelback Mountain from the north facing Living Room and Tower. New metal roofing ties new and old space together, creating a contemporary expression in contrast to the traditional “Spanish Lace” stucco of the old house.

Thompson Pollari Residence


January  – 2009

Key Design Concepts

  • Indoor / outdoor design – continuity of space and materiality
  • Eclectic design – ranch house “modernism” 
  • New construction “wrapping” the existing pool with continuous porches providing shade layers
  • Two-story Tower for views of Camelback Mountain
  • Courtyard wall construction to create protected patio off the Living Room
  • Butt joint glazing for transparency between interior and exterior